BDA Manufacturers' Representatives 

Our Mission

To maximize market penetration for all companies represented with dignity and integrity.

To establish industry relationships to ensure mutual success with all partners. 

Outside Sales

Over 200 Years of Combined Industry Experience

Indiana Office: 

Bob Danielson ~ 39 + years - 39 with BDA 

Joe Azbell ~ 29+ years - 29 with BDA 

Mike Michaud ~ 42+ years - 19 with BDA

Sue Hayes ~ 12+ years - 12 with BDA 

Zach Jerman ~ 11+ years - 8 with BDA  

Austin Dartt ~ 7+ years - 7 with BDA

Mike Lambert ~ 19+ years - 6 with BDA 

Ethan Armour ~ 7+ years - 2 with BDA

Thomas Driscoll ~ 13+ years - 2 with BDA

Jonathon Glaub ~ 2 years - 2 with BDA


Kentucky Office:

Joel Urwin ~ 25+ years - 6 with BDA 

Chuck Young ~ 39+ years - 6 with BDA 

Liz Poppe ~ 9+ years - 6 with BDA 

Tyler Pyles ~ 4+ years - 4 with BDA


Inside Sales & Service

Over 100 Years of Combined Industry Experience

Indiana Office:

Amy Warrum ~ 26+ years - 26 with BDA  

Sally Moore ~ 14+ years -14 with BDA 

Chris Warrum ~ 12+ years - 12 with BDA 

Lisa Kennedy ~ 10+ years - 10 with BDA 

Bria May ~ 7+ years - 7 with BDA

Kelsey Richter ~ 6+ years - 6 with BDA 

Rachel Flatt ~ 6+ years - 6 with BDA

Kaylee Moon ~ 4+ years - 4 with BDA 

Kalli Tull ~ 3+ years - 3 with BDA

Jamie House ~ 27+ years - 2 with BDA

Emily Eberhardt ~ 2+ years - 2 with BDA

Dorothy Eads ~ 1 year - 1 with BDA
Joseph Leahy ~1 year - 1 with BDA

Melissa Lopez ~1 year - 1 with BDAv

Rick Nault ~1 year - 1 with BDA


Kentucky Office:

Alicia Thomas ~ 1 year - 1 with BDA


Bob Danielson - C.E.O.

Joe Azbell - President

Joel Urwin -Principal, VP of Sales - KY

Mike Lambert - Principal, VP of Sales - IN

Amy Warrum - VP of Finance

Kelsey Richter - Director of Operations


The Beginning

Battersby & Associates

Founded in 1986 on the Westside of Indianapolis, the then company, Battersby and Associates, rapidly set and maintained high standards for sales, service, professionalism, and integrity.


From the beginning, stellar salesman and our current President, Bob Danielson, assisted in the rapid growth of the agency.


Soon after its creation, it was necessary for the agency to expand its facility and was moved to Carmel.

The agency continued to develop throughout the years and a promising young salesman, our current Vice President, Joe Azbell was added to the team in 1992.


Battersby Danielson Azbell

As the new century approached, Mr. Battersby partnered with Mr. Danielson to purchase a parcel of land in a somewhat rural area of Central Indiana in the town of Westfield (then population 15,461). In 2000 our Westfield facility was built. With this partnership, Bob became co-owner and his name was added to the business: Battersby Danielson & Associates. 


In 2003, Mike Michaud merged his business, Specialty Sales, with our agency and became a company principal at that time.


Mr. Battersby retired in December 31, 2006. Upon doing so, he sold the agency to Bob and Joe. At that time,  Battersby Danielson Azbell was formed.


Sadly, Brian passed away in June of 2013. His legend and legacy will always live on in our company. 


In 2020, BDA moved into an innovative new space called Hub & Spoke located in the heart of Fishers, IN. This space is dedicated to businesses in the trade industry. Hub and Spoke has also partnered with the City of Fishers to provide hands-on experiential learning and an educational journey in which the community becomes the classroom. 

Moving forward


The industry and our agency has experienced exponential growth over the years requiring more warehouse and office space to better serve our partners and customers.  In 2020 we moved into our new location in Fishers, IN that includes a training facility.


As our company, the industry and society has advanced, we recognized the need to strenthen our brand. We are very excited about this change. By consolidating to the owners initials, we feel this change will continue to honor Mr. Battersby's legacy, show our contingency plan, and increase the ease of communications with our team.


We look forward to creating opportunities with all of our partners to continue mutual success.



The manufacturers that our agency represents are the most reputable in their respective industries.


With reputations for continuous innovation and highest quality warranties, you can be assured that the products offered are high tech and designed to last.


Our team has worked diligently to develop strong bonds with the professional personnel of our manufacturers and all clients to ensure smooth transactions and expeditious results.

  • Highest degrees of professionalism
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Responsible for implementation of new products in the market and new procedures for ease of business
  • Sales and Educational meetings at our facility as well as our manufacturer's facilities and customer's locations
  • Agency sponsored promotions to enhance the image of both the manufacturers represented at these events, as well as our agency 
  • Specification and Quotation Assistance  provided promptly - no job too large or small 
  • Offer creative solutions
  • Expect exceptional results
  • Commitment to continuing education on developments in our industries are evidenced by various memberships and publications. 


  • PHCC Membership

  • IPA / MREF Membership 

  • ASPE Membership

  • PHCC State Board 

  • CSA Membership

  • AIMR Membership

  • BAGI

  • Extensive Trade Publications subscribers

  • ASA Women In Industry

  • NKBA

Our Principals

Bob Danielson

Joe Azbell